7 inch Mini P. #3


This tiny doll is just about 7 inches tall.
Her head is made according to Waldorf tradition with beautiful hair made from suri alpaca locks, permanently styled in the pig tails.

Her arms are made from doll skin tricot and  her body is made in one piece from woven cotton corduroy . She is stuffed with cleaned and carded wool, but her arms are stuffed with a piece of pipe cleaner wrapped in the wool.
She wears hat made from up cycled sweater and a pon pon trim as a scarf.

I hope you will love it and enjoy  these tiny ones, as much as I do. They melts my heart everytime I see them <3

PLEASE NOTE: this is not a toy, she is a collectible doll and more suitable for older child or an adult collector.

You can find my work here

Handmade by Puppula

7 inch Mini P. #3

7 inch Mini P. #3

7 inch Mini P. #3

7 inch Mini P. #3

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