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Katinkia 13" Inviting Play redhead


Katinka is a 13" girl by Inviting Play

She has fair skin and blue eyes and gorgeous, messy, red (dyed by me ) wefted yak hair. 

She comes with: alpaca yarn crocheted shoes,
cotton undies,
striped leggings made from organic cotton,
soft velour grey dress (snaps in back), and
and pink linen dress with vintage cotton trim (snaps in back).
She'll also come a hat and care instructions.

All of Katinka and each part of her outfit were made by me with my love and care.  I double triple stitch each hem and stuff firmly.   Like all my dolls, Katinka is stuffed with wool and made with high quality cotton doll skin (in this case Laib Yala)

It is my hope that Katinka brings a smile to your face and Invites you to Play.

♥♥Thank you for your support of handmade doll artisans and Inviting Play ♥♥

Please let me know if you have any questions and please see what I'm up to at

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