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Dayle 12" natural fiber art doll



12" Rosie Posie Lali Doll

Dayle is finally complete. A one of a kind doll sculpted in wool. I’ve been working on her for about a month now. She is just so much fun to dress and pose that I can’t help playing with her while dreaming about what she’ll wear. She’s 12 inches tall. Making fiddly dee clothing for her was challenging in such petite proportions but so worth the effort. I made her a pixie coat inspired by the beautiful sweater coats from katwise. (They have the tutorial on etsy for real life size pixie coats!) The coat is made of remnants of up-cycled sweaters and has a long pixie hood. It buttons all the way up the front so she can stay really snug in these last few cold months of the year. I also knit a pink bunny eared hat for her and a lovely wool scarf too. She wears navy blue tights (undies underneath of course) a gray sleeveless linen dress with a soft cotton top over it. She has a pair of pink leg warmers and comes with navy blue doll shoes. When she’s wearing the shoes and with a little balance, she can stand on her own. She has the proportions of a 10 year old girl. She’s put together like most of my other dolls are but all of her body parts are individually felted in wool and her arms, legs and neck contain wire that allow them to bend and hold a pose, so she can sit realistically with bent knees, turn her feet in, bend her elbows and wrists and tilt her head for cute personality. She has a sculpted bum and a belly button. Her face is sculpted to give her a unique personality. She has dark brown eyes in cotton floss and she has medium blonde hair made from mohair. She has sun kissed skin tone from the Dewitte brand fabric. She can fit into some ball jointed doll shoes such as small MSD sizes, so shoe shopping could be a lot of fun ;) Dayle is available in the Dollectable upload this coming Monday February 1st at 7pm ET.

Dayle 12" natural fiber art doll

Dayle 12" natural fiber art doll

Dayle 12" natural fiber art doll

Dayle 12" natural fiber art doll

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