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Chacha, Natural Fiber Cloth Doll, by LesPouPZ


Chacha is Eriko's little sister! She is a 13 inch doll, made exclusively of natural materials. She's jointed at the elbows, hips and knees. This adds some fun to this funny little puppet! Chacha can sit and stand with some little assitance.

Chacha is made of a a heavy-weight cotton-linen blend fabric. She has mismatched limbs made of beautiful  printed linen and "pied de poule" fabrics. She's stuffed with nice and soft clean carded wool. Her hair is mohair bouclé yarn in dark Brown colour. She loves her bob hair style.

Eriko comes with a full outfit composed of a heavy taffeta cream fabric. It has a lovely bunny embroidered at the front. Chacha also has a beautiful ivory dotted tulle petticoat. She also has a lovely handknitted overdress, made in handspun wool yarn. Her pair of funny pointy boots will be complete of course! Chacha's headband is made of authentic vintage lace.

This little doll and her accessories are handmade. They are made for display, and aren't intended to little children.


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