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Nina 19" OOAK Inviting Play


Nina Nina Nina bo bina banana nana bo bina.  Nina ia a one of a kind 19" Inviting Play girl.  She has long commercial camel weft for hair that can be styled in different ways. 

She has medium colored tan skin with a sprinkling of sun on her face.

She comes with a complete outfit including:
cotton undies,
cotton socks,
linen flowered shorts,
a stretchy, summer, spring-green shirt with two big pockets,
boots (not pictured), and another layer (not pictured)

Her body is made from Swiss cotton doll skin that is stuffed firmly with a wool wrapped armature.  She has some mild poseability.  she can bend her knees and elbows and neck and can hold those poses but the armature doesn't extend through her shoulders and hip joints so she can't hold her arms extended out.

She is not designed to be a toy for children.  She most is appropriate for people 7 and up. 

Thank you for supporting Dollectable, handmade dolls, doll artists, and Inviting Play.  It is only with your support, that I am able to bring these wool souls into the world.  Thank you. 

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Nina will ship within 5 business days and any shipping overages will be refunded as I only charge exact shipping. Please let me know if you have any shipping questions or preferences after purchase.

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