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Lilly 5,3 " a Giveaway doll


   Meet Lilly, 

This very, very little girl is waiting for her mum. She is as little as my phone. You will be able to hide her in a pocket or in a pencil case, but I assure she will be going to watch what's new outside!
 A wonderful present for a child or a surprise for an adult who admire to care about a tiny doll. 
Lilly is 5,3 " doll with natural bf hair and with a wire inside so she can move her little arms and legs.

Lilly goes as a "Giveaway doll" with all her clothes and a sleeping bag made of wool dyed with plants (all my children said that it looks like a big shoe but I assure you it was made specially for her). She wears pants, a dress, a hat, shoes, and coat -all with handmade ceramic tiny buttons). The sleeping bag will be added to:-)
The giveaway dolls are given once a year to thank all of you for your support. We - the dollmakers - exsist only because you appreciate our work. THANK YOU very much :-)

Lilly want to be everywhere, speak with everyone, see everything. She will be waiting from 1pm to 7 pm. 
Her price is 0,01 $ so that I could see for whom I should send the doll at the paypal messages.
The shipping is free :-)

Have a nice 2017, 

Aleksandra, balticdolls

Lilly 5,3 " a Giveaway doll

Lilly 5,3 " a Giveaway doll

Lilly 5,3 " a Giveaway doll

Lilly 5,3 " a Giveaway doll

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