Ginnie ~ a 18" Luletti handmade doll


Ginnie is a one of a kind Luletti handmade doll. She measures approx 18 inches tall. Her skin tone is peach, she has brown eyes and warm brown curly hair (mohair weft crochet cap).

She comes wearing a blue/grey puff dress (fully lined) with a beautiful scattered star print, a long sleeved t'shirt with elastic trim, 100% wool ballet wrap shoes (handknit) and of course no Luletti girl ever leaves home without her panties.
Ginnie also wears a very cosy pale pink soft mohair and silk scarf (also hand knit).

PLEASE NOTE: I WILL NOT be able to send Ginnie before the 12th September. Time ran away with me this week and poor Ginnie still needs a little attention before she is ready to travel ;)

Luletti dolls are made with lots of love and attention to detail. Each doll emerges from nothing more than cloth, thread, sheep wool, many careful stitches . . and a little beeswax blush. 
I use Swiss Tricot, lovely clean organic sheep wool and my own self drafted patterns. Features are hand embroidered and I use wool yarns and cotton prints for clothing.
Luletti dolls sit independently, and have ears as well as some body sculpting.

Luletti dolls are adult collectables and are not toys.  They are not intended for small children due to long fibres, ties and small parts on the clothing. 

If you would like more info and to see other examples of my work please visit

Ginnie ~ a 18" Luletti handmade doll

Ginnie ~ a 18" Luletti handmade doll

Ginnie ~ a 18" Luletti handmade doll

Ginnie ~ a 18" Luletti handmade doll

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Ginnie Ships from france. If you live in the EU shipping will be less than quoted and I will refund the difference. I only ship dolls to countries where it is possible to use an insured sign for delivery service. This is available in the UK, the EU, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. If you live anywhere else please check with me before purchasing otherwise your order will be cancelled.

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