Naptown Boys

Easton, 8" Blue & Green Napling Dragon


Naptown Boys Dragon Napling, Easton.

Easton is very adventurous and brings the party with him every where he goes.  He is quick witted and funny and can get anyone to smile.  He loves balloons and snails and his favorite color is green.  

Easton's arms are button jointed using Tessa Ann blue bunting buttons. He is made out of organic cotton velour and hand dyed organic wool interlock in blue and green. He has tan skin made of cotton and blue eyes. He is stuffed with wool and made of all natural materials.
He comes with cotton overalls that snap in the front with KAM snaps.

<3-  Nikki

Tags: Dollectable, Naptown Boys, dragon, waldorf doll, doll, plush, wool, toy, wool interlock, art doll

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