Luletti Pippi Rosebud 1/3


This sweet little Pippi inspired Luletti Rosebud is made with lilac wool fabric, beautiful clean organic sheep wool, and swiss tricot. Her face is sculpted and embroidered by hand.
She has peach skin and her hair is a brushed mohair wig in a rust tone. She has Brown eyes

She is 7 inches / 18cm (approx) tall and comes wearing a Purpley hand knit scarf and has a small hand stitched applique heart detail on her body.

Rosebuds emerge in small blooms ;) Faces and features may vary in tone, but dolls of the same Blossom always wear the same colourways and accessorise / embellishment and no blossom is ever repeated exactly. There are 3 dolls in this collection.

Here is a Blog post about Luletti Rosebuds,

Luletti dolls are made with a lot of love, 
many careful stitches and attention to detail. 
I use Swiss Tricot and lovely clean organic sheep wool and my own self drafted pattern. 
Features are hand embroidered and 
I use wool yarns and cotton prints for clothing.
 I also mostly design my own knitting and sewing patterns for the clothes. 


Luletti dolls are adult collectables and are not intended for small children
 due to long fibres and small parts on the clothing.

I will only ship to the address given on the Paypal account 
that payment has been made by. If you live in the UK or EU I will refund the difference in shipping cost.

I only ship dolls to countries where it is possible to use an insured delivery service. 
This is available in the UK, the EU, Switzerland, Norway, USA, Canada, 
Australia and New Zealand. 
If you live anywhere else please check with me before purchasing 
otherwise your order may be cancelled.

If you would like more info and to see other examples of my work please visit

Luletti Pippi Rosebud 1/3

Luletti Pippi Rosebud 1/3

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