Bedilia, a 16" Posie


a 16" little thinker

She lives in her head, Miss Bedilia does.  In her head, there is so much to think, so much to dream, so much to wonder.

Our house has been noisy lately, as the rain pours down day after day, and the kids get antsy, and crazy, and loud.   And all the hulabaloo drives Bedilia batty, so she builds her own quiet place.   She gathers all the extra pillows and sheets around the house, and builds herself a fluffy nest.  

In her fort, no matter the buzz of noise all around her, she is able to escape to her thoughts, and in her mind, she can be a knight taming a golden dragon, or the first pilot ever to have flown a hot air balloon into space (don't scoff, she's a really realllly good pilot)   She has big stories and big dreams, and although they might not always make sense....they all are so real to her when she is in the quiet of her fort. 
Bedilia is 16", and the first Posie to have an armature neck, allowing her to gently tip her head in any direction.   It is a joy to photograph her and watch her through the lens.

Her skin tone is mocha DeWitte, her limbs are firmly stuffed with squishy wool, but she is created in a way that makes her flopsy and lovely to hold.   Like all my dolls, her face has been needle sculpted into a sweet smile, and her body has been soft sculpted with knees, elbows, a wee bum, and belly button.

Bedilia has a sweetness about her that is reflected in her clothes. She will come wearing:
-A Liberty print floral dress with 3/4 sleeves, a gathered bodice, and button closures
-A squishy wool hand knit cabled sweater with wooden button closures
-a tulle underskirt
-Leggings made from buttery soft cashmere
-Striped socks sewn from organic cotton
-Her shoes are sewn brown corduroy, lined with mustard yellow floral cotton voile, and wooden button closures
-ooooh and wee undies of course

Bedilia is a love and makes me smile everytime I see her.   I hope she finds a home she speaks to tonight.  She would love to show her new mama the shadow puppets she has been practicing in her fort :)

Thank you for taking a peek at Bedilia! xx Kristin

Bedilia, a 16" Posie

Bedilia, a 16" Posie

Bedilia, a 16" Posie

Bedilia, a 16" Posie

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Bedilia will be lovingly packed for her journey, and will ship to her new home in 3-5 days.

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