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Lena. NFAD 15,8 "


Lena - the winter girl

L: Auntie?
A: Yes?
L: Will you go with me outside?
A: Yes, why not!
L: How do think, auntie? what kind of weather is the best?
A: Summer, I think...
L: hmmm, Winter. I prefer Winter.
A: Why do you think so?
L: All because the whole world can be changed in single day. Isn't it magic?
A: Agree;-) Winter change everything. 

Lena is a natural fiber art doll - 15,8 ". She has got a wire skeleton inside her body so that she could move all her limbs. She was fullfilled with wool, cleaned and carded at home by me :-) All her body was needle felted. She's got dark green eyes, mohair yak hair, knees, elbows, a navel and a bum. 

What she wears?  wet felted coat, leather shoes, pants, a skirt a dress, a belt - all handmade. I am going to do white socks, which can be needed to wear at home. 

The doll will be sent on Monday - all because the winter holidays.
Thank you for visiting, 

Much of Love, 

Aleksandra & Lena

Lena. NFAD 15,8 "

Lena. NFAD 15,8 "

Lena. NFAD 15,8 "

Lena. NFAD 15,8 "

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