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Xingxing 10" Cupcake Doll


10" Lali Cupcake Doll

Miss xingxing is so excited to find a mama!

Xingxing is handmade using natural materials. She has sunkissed cotton skin. Her limbs and head are stuffed with firmly rolled wool. Her tummy is left soft with poly pellets for weight and fluffy wool. Her hair is dark brown mohair and she has black embroidered asian eyes. She's got floppy limbs and is a delight to hold and play with! She comes with a little cotton sun dress, tights, hand knit boots, teddy bonnet and sweater. She'll also come with a blusher cloth to add more color to her cheeks when needed and a birth certificate with her name and date of birth. 

Xingxing 10" Cupcake Doll

Xingxing 10" Cupcake Doll

Xingxing 10" Cupcake Doll

Xingxing 10" Cupcake Doll

Tags: Dollectable, Lali Dolls, cloth doll, rag doll, waldorf doll, doll, Lali

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