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Princess Annelise Princess Annelise
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Years and years ago, I made my daughter a princess gown. Years later I made a miniature princess Annelise. I used the leftover fabric from my daughters dress: very delicate batiste. I hope I can make someone as happy as my daughter was wearing that princess dress. 

Princess Annelise is a one-of-a-kind handcrafted doll, made of all natural materials.

Her head is carefully sculpted from wool. The stuffing of the body and limbs is from wool. The legs are disc jointed, so she can sit as well. The arms are stitch jointed so they hang along the body in a natural way and can be moved around freely. Her 'skin' is made of cotton interlock. Her wig is made of a mohair weft crocheted into a cap. 

Under her dress the princess wears a marvelous white, wide petticoat made of 2 layers starched linen batiste. Under that she is wearing a long, lace trimmed pair of bloomers. Her Tiara is lavishly embroidered with beads and golden sequins.

At her feet gold leather dancing shoes (actually Annelise isn’t a real princess. She’s dreaming she’s Prima Ballerina in ‘The Sleeping Beauty’.

Annelise is 20 inches high.


You may have to help her a bit to find the right balance but , once found, she is completely free standing.

She is a one of a kind collectible, but is also a play doll.

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Princess Annelise
Princess Annelise
Princess Annelise
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