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Pietje Bell Pietje Bell
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This one is for the boys and for tomboys. He’s called after Pietje Bell, a legendary dutch children book figure. A nauhgty, but charming little rascal. 

This doll is a celebration of kids who are adventurous and playfull. Who will lever miss a ballgame around the block with his friends. 

He may be a young little fella, but due to his pose and expression yo can see he is a fearless and confident, but never a bully.

His outfit is also slightly inspired by Pietje Bell, but  I gave it a 90’s twist. An iconic era in childrens clothing, resembling the clothes my son grew up in; dungarees, bright colors, bold stripes, allstars and a cap that he never wanted to take off.

Petje Bell is a one-of-a-kind handcrafted doll, made of all natural materials.

His head is carefully sculpted from wool. The stuffing of the body and limbs is from wool. The legs are disc jointed, so she can sit as well. The arms are stitch jointed so they hang along the body in a natural way and can be moved around freely. His 'skin' is made of cotton interlock. His wig is knitted.

He’s wearing a cotton dungarees and a checkered shirt. When it’s cold he puts on his woolen knitted sweater.

At his feet soccer socks and all stars look a like shoes made myself. 

He comes with a leather ball that is held by pins (attachable and detachable).

Pietje is 17 inches tall.


You may have to help him a bit to find the right balance but , once found, he is completely free standing.

He is a one of a kind collectible, but is also a play doll.

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Pietje Bell
Pietje Bell
Pietje Bell
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