Sewing dolls is my passion. All dolls I made are unique. It is immposible to create and sew two same dolls. Personification process starts when the doll is sewn. This proces controls clothes, style and the character of future doll. Everything must be perfect - begining from a colour of the eyes and ending with shoes. I always try to sew so that, dolls have aestethic apperance. I have a ceritificate of Poland handmade artists. I use natural materials of a high quality for sewing. I am combining cotton with Oko test label from the Netherlands and Germany for the doll bodies which are filled by lovely soft sheep wool, carded and cleaned only by me. I do not use any chemical matter. Eyes are embroidered. The seams are sewn twice for durability. Your doll will come with a signed certificate of authenticity - pedigree and full care instructions. Most of my dolls can be hand washed but in some cases it is better to sponge clean - so be carefull. All the clothes are hand washable. Thank you , Aleksandra, balticdolls

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