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Yellow Viola Bottle Charm Necklace Yellow Viola Bottle Charm Necklace
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The magical pansy/viola terrarium bottle necklace is perfect for your cottagecore or goblincore obsessed loved one. The necklace a great gift for your special someone who loves frolicking through the forest. Pansies are a symbol of love.

The pansies in these creations are real air dried pansies from my garden. Each pansy is grown with lots of love and  without pesticides. They are hand harvested and left to air-dry for weeks until all the moisture is evaporated. As the moisture evaporates from the flowers they shrink to their final pattie size. They are coated in uv resin and gently placed in the tiny bottles to preserve their beauty.

Because no pansy is exactly the same, each set of earring will differ slightly. With good quality control, we make sure each set of pansies use will be absolutely stunning.

The bottles are glass and stand at 1 and 1/2 inches tall with the cork. The base is 1/2 inch in diameter.

Please do not try to open the bottle, the cork is sealed shut.

Each order comes with one silver plated necklace chain that is 18 inches in length and one charm.

Wear this necklace as you wonder though the felt in search of pretty flowers to gift to your love.
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Yellow Viola Bottle Charm Necklace
Yellow Viola Bottle Charm Necklace
Yellow Viola Bottle Charm Necklace

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