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**CHARITY AUCTION** Ella Bella Bum original and legendary *Al*

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Up for auction is the legendary Ella Bella Bum diaper, Al. A custom-made creation by the fabulous Samantha Campbell. Crafted in her sewing under the glow of The Peg's city lights, this legend came to be in August, 2012... We salute Albert Flip for his personal sacrifice for the project, and a special thanks to Lisa R for her assistance in recruitment. 

This diaper has been greatly cherished, owned for 6 months, and used sparingly. Fleece inner (slightly piled), embellished tabs, and a smart chalkboard on the bum displaying Albert Einstein's ingenious equations.  If this diaper ain't smart, I don't know what is. 

Proceeds of this auction will benefit Cloth for a Cause, a Canadian charity that assists low-resource families by providing reusable cloth diapers to ease the budget burden of disposables. 

Terms and Conditions:
*By bidding on this item you hereby solemnly swear to honour, love, and respect Legendary Al. The winning bidder will have 24 hours after the auction ends to pony up the cash, unless previous arrangements have been made. You must contact me prior to bidding if you want to pay via EMT, otherwise PayPal only. If there are any issues with the winning bidder, the second highest bidder will be offered the diaper at their last bid price. If that deal falls though too, then selling him just wasn't meant to be and I'm totally just keep him. 

**If you have any questions at all or want more photos, don't hesitate to ask. 

Bid on' mamas! 

**CHARITY AUCTION** Ella Bella Bum original and legendary *Al*

**CHARITY AUCTION** Ella Bella Bum original and legendary *Al*

**CHARITY AUCTION** Ella Bella Bum original and legendary *Al*

**CHARITY AUCTION** Ella Bella Bum original and legendary *Al*

Tags: Al, legendary, let's do this thing

Shipping included in auction price, method of shipment chosen by buyer, cost covered by diaper proceeds.

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