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Meeyoo Chee - Semi-custom Wrap

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Meeyoo Chee - semi-custom slot

Winning bidder to choose length (up to 4.6m) as well as weft color.  Handwoven by Angel & Cameo in rural (and proud) Ohio, USA using Maurice Brassard 100% cotton.  Plain weave, no tapers, hemmed ends.  Chee is on the loom and ready to be woven.  Payment due upon auction completion.  Finished wrap to be mailed within 4-6 weeks.  **If you would like for your wrap to arrive to you before Christmas (and are in the USA), you have the option of choosing a 4.6m wrap made with yellow weft (bottom two photos).

Meeyoo Chee - Semi-custom Wrap

Meeyoo Chee - Semi-custom Wrap

Meeyoo Chee - Semi-custom Wrap

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