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Minnie 12" MPV Natural fiber art doll Minnie 12" MPV Natural fiber art doll
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So having a wild and free spirit is of course something for celebration, we all long to have that freedom back and revel in it in others...however some children have a more reserved type of special and this is just as important.

Minnie was this child, her inner light was kind and quiet and you always felt a sense of calm in her presence.

She was not chatty, the words she used were always picked with care and said what she needed. She had few friends but the ones she has she held closely. 

Her main interests were art and science, she draws the most amazing specimen illustrations , one day I'm sure she will be well-known for her skill.

Minnie comes dressed in underpants knitted alpaca leggings, double gauze undershirt, double gauze dress with lace detail, a merino wool long-sleeved top and Hand knitted pom-pom shawl with shell button, and lined boots.

Minnie is 12' give or take and made with a new pattern. her knees and elbows have an internal joint to allow for a greater range of movement. she is double skinned so these joints are not visible. although these joints allow for a greater range of movement they do not allow positions to stay fixed ike a wire armature doll would. she also has floppy joints at the top of the legs and arms.

Her features have been needle felted in wool and stitches are used to accentuate these features. I used pigmented beeswax to blush the cheeks and mouth (you will receive some in my dolls first aid kit for re-blushing should you need to). the body is stuffed firmly with wool.

Her hair is wefted mohair crocheted into a cap and then sewn directly onto the head. 

Thank you so much for reading about Minnie.

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Minnie 12" MPV Natural fiber art doll
Minnie 12" MPV Natural fiber art doll
Minnie 12" MPV Natural fiber art doll

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