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Zorb 2 One-Step Nighttime Insert Zorb 2 One-Step Nighttime Insert
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This insert is designed to give you a one-step solution to all of your nighttime woes!  No more double-stuffing or worrying that Daddy will stack the inserts in the wrong order!!  And, it is a VERY economical solution!

The One-Step Nighttime Insert is made from 2 layers of Zorb 2 which is one layer of Zorb quilted between 2 layers of bamboo/cotton jersey.  Super soft, flexible, and ABSORBENT!  When folded in thirds, this gives you 6 layers of wonderful absorbency!  3 strategically placed snaps keep the layers from slipping, rolling, and bunching without over-complicating the insert.  Use with your current covers or pockets!!  This insert is no more bulky than a full-size microfiber insert with a microfiber doubler!  Your little one will be comfortable AND dry!!!

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Zorb 2 One-Step Nighttime Insert
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