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Insert Upgrades- (not to be purchased separately ) Insert Upgrades- (not to be purchased separately )
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Insert upgrades:

This item is not for sale outside of an order of a diaper. Additionally, it cannot be purchased after an order has already been completed. 

I recommend purchasing two premium inserts or a toddler insert if your child is above 6 months old. Also, if you want to make your diaper a night time diaper, you can add a booster to two premium inserts. 

 These inserts are for purchase only with the Diaper Listings that are linked to this listing. These inserts are not for sale separately. 

Insert materials are pre prepped but I suggest washing them first. Also, natural fabrics are fully prepped after 6-10 washes and may shrink slightly (the nature of natural fabrics) but it is unlikely because I have washed and dried the fabrics on hot 3-4 times.

Insert Upgrades:

You may upgrade to a Long Premium Insert (approx. 2 inches longer than a regular premium Insert.Upgrade costs $0.85.

You can also change to a snake style insert: 2 layers of heavy bamboo french terry that can be folded where you need the absorbency the most.

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