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BUILD YOUR OWN ABSORBENCY!! INSERTS ARE MADE TO ORDER- Turn around time is 1-2 weeks, shipping days are once a week. If you request a specific colorway, please allow an extra week in case I need to dye some velour. 

Creaking Wood offers several kinds of inserts, so here is an explanation of them!
All inserts are dyed unless they are Boosters, Snake or pocket inserts. If you would like a specific colorway that I have listed before, please add that colorway in the comments during checkout. If it's messaged instead of left in the comments I cannot guarantee that colorway. I often use all my cuts of certain colorways for a stocking, therefore if a previous colorway is requested, I will do my best to remake it, but dyes come out different every time, and it may differ some.
Premium is the most comment style of insert and is what comes with a diaper. All inserts should be washed before they are used.
�Premium� -4 layer contour inserts- top layer is bamboo velour, then there are three layers of heavy bamboo French terry/ fleece.
�Premium with WindPro backing� -4 layer contour inserts- top layer is bamboo velour, two layers heavy bamboo French terry/fleece, and a bottom layer of trim Polartec Windpro fleece. The type and color of windpro fleece changes depending on what I have in stock, but will always be windpro!
"Premium with PUL backing" 4 layer contour inserts- top layer is bamboo velour, then there are two inner layers heavy bamboo French terry/fleece, with a bottom layer of PUL.
"Night time Booster " 3 layers of bamboo french terry, very trim and absorbent. This booster is slighter smaller than a regular insert so it fits in between the other inserts.
"Pocket diaper Insert" 3 layers of bamboo french terry/fleece, very trim and absorbent. These are the same size and shape as premium CW inserts.
"Toddler Insert" This insert is 4 layers, 8 layers when folded in half. When folded in half- there is a top layer of soft velour ( bamboo), then 6 layers of Heavy Bamboo French Terry/fleece, and then a layer of PUL on the bottom The insert has a stackable snap so other inserts can snap into it.
�Snake Insert� Snake style insert made from two layers of heavy bamboo french terry/fleece, approx 34 inches long and 4 inches wide. (
Large wide-coverage contour inserts� - Inserts are made from a top layer of Bamboo Velour and then three layers of heavy organic bamboo french terry/fleece. These inserts are a bit larger than the regular CW premium insert. (
�Zorb Insert�- 4 layer contour inserts- top layer and bottom layer is cotton velour or bamboo velour, then hidden are two layers of Original Zorb (thick and squishy). The last image shows how thick they are compared to the thickness of regular inserts. (
Notes on Zorb Material: It is super absorbent and extremely quick to absorb, it's one downfall is it can cause compression leaks. It is best paired with natural fibers. Natural Fibers are great for absorbency but absorb slightly slower than synthetic fibers. If you want to use a Zorb Insert, it's best paired with another insert that is all natural fibers. Or you can get the best of both worlds by adding one layer of zorb into a regular insert.

Insert materials are pre prepped but I suggest washing them first. Also, natural fabrics are fully prepped after 6-10 washes and may shrink slightly (the nature of natural fabrics) but it is unlikely because I have washed and dried the fabrics on hot 3-4 times.


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