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I Don't Need Inserts! I Don't Need Inserts!
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This listing is so you can take the inserts (and cost of them) out of your purchase when buying diapers. 

****This listing must be used WHILE the diapers are in your cart that you don't need inserts for****

Each Insert costs $6 (USD), so if you have two diapers in your cart, and don't need inserts for them, then select two and $12 will be taken away from your order total. 

If you have one diaper, please select one diaper , and so on... 

If you want some of the inserts (if you are purchasing 4 for example) and you want two diapers with an insert, and two without, then just select 2 diapers. 

Tags: CreakingWood, All in Two, cloth diaper, AI2, Bamboo, Embroidery, organic
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