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NightSolution Insert NightSolution Insert
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Dries SUPER fast!
One Size!
"Fan" out the back to keep poo off the cover!

By utilizing a combination of HEAVY WEIGHT Organic Bamboo Fleece and ZORB you can get enough absorbency in ONE insert. This is a double layer of HEAVY WEIGHT Organic Bamboo Fleece that when trifolded makes for SIX layers! Add to that the FULL layer of super absorbent Zorb that when trifolded makes for THREE layers! WOWZA! Great for night time use!

A revolutionary new product, Zorb can absorb 10 times it's weight in less than half a second -- that's 20 times faster than cotton, bamboo or hemp. With it's incredible holding power, a single layer holds up to 3 times the moisture of the best absorbing knits, so leaking and exterior wicking can be reduced or eliminated. It's non-toxic and non-allergenic made from a proprietary blend of natural and man-made fibers.

There is a single stud snap on the underside so when the insert is trifolded (either direction) it can securely snap into Chelory AI2s. Tri-fold the long way to make it 4" wide by 15" long or tri-fold the short way to make it 5" wide and 12" long.

This NightSolution Insert is topped with Stay-Dry Procool Wicking Jersey fabric so baby feels dry and comfortable.

For the ultimate in Night Time absorbency, place a Bamboo Doubler on top of a Wool Doubler and tuck underneath the soakers of the Chelory AIO. SUPER trim and SUPER absorbent!
*Sizes are approximate. All Chelory items come washed and READY-TO-USE but can take up to 10 wash/dry cycles to reach their maximum absorbency.
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NightSolution Insert
NightSolution Insert
NightSolution Insert

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