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Pixelating Rainbow with Autism Embroidery Pixelating Rainbow with Autism Embroidery
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The Chelory AIO is a **TRUE All-In-One** Wrap around baby and GO!


The ultimate absorbing capabilities of the Chelory AIO cloth diaper are due to the unique combination of Bamboo and Zorb. Zorb is a revolutionary new product that can absorb 10 times it's weight in less than half a second -- that's 20 times faster than cotton. It has the amazing ability to wick moisture evenly throughout the entire absorbent surface area. The Chelory "SD" AIO is topped with Stay-Dry Wicking Jersey to keep baby feeling dry and comfortable. 

Available in Snap Closure with 3x3 External Rise Snaps to make this diaper fit from about 12 pounds to at least 40pounds.

High quality plastic snap closures with innovative 3x3 External Rise Snap design allows for the rise snaps to snap into the bottom row of waist snaps allowing the diaper to get even smaller!

Pixelating Rainbow printed poly PUL makes this diaper waterproof and keeps baby's clothes clean and dry. White solid color PUL with Autism Embroidery wraps around baby from "Wing-To-Wing" adding a touch of style.

When drying the Chelory AIO style diapers, invert the absorbent looped soaker around the diaper. All those thirsty layers right next to each other can slow dry time. Under most circumstances hanging AIOs will be dry within 24 hours.

**All Chelory diapers come washed and READY-TO-USE but can take up to 10 wash/dry cycles to reach their maximum absorbency.
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Pixelating Rainbow with Autism Embroidery
Pixelating Rainbow with Autism Embroidery

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