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Wool Doubler Wool Doubler
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Place a Wool Doubler between the absorbent layers and the cover.

A Wool Doubler makes the the diaper work harder by forcing the moisture back up into the absorbent layers. Great for night time use!

A Wool Doubler is DayWeight wool on one side and NightWeight wool on the other. It measures approximately 4 x12 but can shrink up a bit if washed with diaper laundry.

Washing and lanolizing with your other wool items will make a Wool Doubler work even harder and last even longer.

For the ultimate in Night Time absorbency, place a Bamboo Doubler on top of a Wool Doubler and tuck underneath the soakers of the Chelory AIO. SUPER trim and SUPER absorbent!
*Sizes are approximate. All Chelory items come washed and READY-TO-USE but can take up to 10 wash/dry cycles to reach their maximum absorbency.
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Wool Doubler
Wool Doubler
Wool Doubler

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