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Wash & Care

Wash & Care Information:


First off, there is no perfect way to care for cloth diapers.  Everyone has their own method that works best for them.  Front load, top load, hard water, soft water´┐Żeverything impacts how your diapers will be washed.


Storing your dirty diapers till wash day include:


Wetbag (dry) method:

Soiled diapers are thrown into the wetbag without rinsing or soaking.  Solids are tossed in the toilet first.


Wet Pail (soak) method:

Soiled diapers are thrown into a pail of water with detergent or something in it for soaking till wash day.


I recommend washing every 2-3 days.


For washing, I recommend a cloth diaper detergent that is free of dyes, etc that can cause build up in your diapers.


1. Run your diapers through a cold rinse cycle on your machine with no detergent to remove any excess urine, etc.  If you have an HE machine, choose a cycle that will put the most amount of water in (ie: delicate).


2. On the second wash, I do a hot wash on a heavy cycle.  Include your detergent and set your washer to do an extra rinse.


3. If there are still suds when rinsing your diapers, you may need to run a third cycle to get all of the soap build up out of your diapers.  If you are using a cloth diaper detergent, you may be able to skip this step and put your diapers directly into the dryer.


I recommend drying on warm or line drying.  Extra hot can damage the elastic in your diapers.  (PUL diapers should NEVER be dried on hot!  PUL diapers would last the longest if they are line dried or air dried.  A PUL diaper should only ever be dried on hot if you are sealing the PUL for the first time.  That takes about 20 minutes in the dryer.)


If your diapers are staying stinky, then you can do an overnight soak with a good cloth diaper detergent. 


**NEVER USE BLEACH** It will break down your elastic and shorten the lifespan of your diapers.


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